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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Jonathan

Jean Said:

"11 Withnesses" - I'm reading and praying my way through this book, Lord. "11" says I need a Jonathan in my life. Someone who is loyal when I make it hard to be loyal. Someone who believes in me when no one else does. My Jonathan is the first person I call in good times and in bad. Someone who gives, and gives, and gives to me and wants no payment in return.

Leonard Sweet says "a Jonathan sacrifices himself for you, even knowing, as the original Jonathan knew, that the more your song rises, the more his or her own song fades into the background." (p. 51) Yes, that's J. He much prefers working in the background. Being the hidden foundation. Pushing me upward and outward while I stand wobbling on his shoulders.

Thank you, Lord, for nurturing me and J. along. Thank you that our tendrils have become inseparably entwined like two vines climbing the same trellis. When one of us blooms the other enjoys the fragrance. And it's sometimes impossible for an observer to tell which vine actually bears the beauty.

Thank you for J. - my Jonathan.


Over the years there have been times J. was your thorn; other times he was your rose. There have even been a few times he became the trellis on which you've flourished. Have you told him lately how much you appreciate him? How much you love him?