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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morning Prayer-Bedtime Prayer


Lord, I'm struggling with the posts on this blog lately. I think it's related to two things. One, because the daily email notifications that go out to readers are sent out in the wee hours of the morning I have started writing this blog at night. It's not working, Lord. My brain and my body are too tired late at night. I can't think clearly. I can't focus. I can't really concentrate on hearing Your voice. It isn't that You're not speaking to me. Rather, that I'm not listening at my best late at night. And I don't want to fabricate Your end of our conversations for the sake of having something to write here.

Secondly, I'm tired. I've stretched myself too thin the past few weeks. That means that nothing is getting 100% of my effort. Which means that everything is getting less than my best. That doesn't please me one little bit. And I don't think it pleases You either. In a few weeks most of the projects I've committed my time to will end. Then I can return to the everyday normal of my quiet life, I hope.

So, I'm going back to recording our morning conversations instead of our evening chats, Lord. So, my email readers will miss one day's notification. Maybe they can post THEIR conversation with You here on that day.

You and I both know that late at night I often crawl (literally) between the sheets and collapse into Your arms. I'm too weary to do anything but rest my head on Your shoulder and mumble something like, "I love You, Lord. Keep us safe while we sleep, please. Good night."

I know You hear that feeble prayer, Lord, because it does come from my heart. But that prayer consistently recorded here isn't going to bless very many people, now is it? And it is my hope that the words written here honor You and bless and encourage others who read them.


Uh-huh. It took you long enough to figure this out, Little One. You ARE a morning person. I should know; I made you that way, you know. I'll be right here waiting for you Thursday morning. Don't be late. I have a lot to tell you.