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Monday, October 13, 2008



Lord, yesterday morning when I stepped outside to head for church that invigorating nip was in the air. I love autumn. Thank you for that little chill; for the breezy, sunny afternoons; for the rusty smell of leaves dying and drying and becoming one with the soil that rests beneath the trees.

That nip in the air makes me remember the humongous oak tree that stood sentry over our house in Hart Haven, FL. (I like that name, Lord - Hart Haven) when I was very young. I can close my eyes and see piles of orangy-brownish leaves all over the front yard. Oh, how Daddy hated those leaves. Sometimes - every once in a while - he'd let us jump into the middle of a pile and send leaves flying everywhere.

Thank you for some happy memories of fun and laughter, Lord. I keep them tucked away, but easy to find, so they can help me get through other memories that aren't so happy.

J. and I tried to build some happy memories for our kids, too. I hope we gave them enough to carry them over the sad and bad memories, Lord. We all have our share of those, don't we?

Now our D. and T. are deliberately stuffing their children's lives with soft, comfy memories. Life is hard and uncomfortable much of the time. These beautiful grandchildren of ours are going to need all the warm, soft memories they can tuck away as they become adults and face life in that big, bad world out there.

Thank you, Lord, for the ability to take mental and emotional snapshots of events, and people in our lives.


I believe that's another of your One Thousand Gifts, isn't it, Little One? The ability to remember. Life becomes a sad blur when memories are gone. Keep on building memories with those kids and grand kids - they will be part of your legacy to them.