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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Sister


My baby sister has a blog, Lord. It expresses her heart-felt thoughts and desires about her new life in Christ. Every time I read it I am overcome with gratitude. I remember the old days, Lord. Twenty, thirty years ago we were both soooo out of step with You. Hers was an open, sometimes ugly, in-you-face kind of refusal to hear and heed your voice. Mine was much more subtle. My ugliness stayed hidden inside me most of the time. The outside of me looked much more "Christian", but my heart was rotting with ugly attitudes that, I'm sure, broke Your heart of love for me.

I've asked your forgiveness for those years, Lord. And You have so graciously said yes. Please don't ever let me slide into that kind of self-righteous, pseudo-pious condemnation of others again. I'd rather leave all the "others" here and go on home to be with You.

My sister expresses her gratitude to You each time we speak or email. And she expresses it beautifully on her blog. Each entry, each piece of art, each song she has chosen for the background music express the huge changes You are making in her. Thank You. I think my favorite of her songs is River God. Make me just a pebble in Your hands, Lord.

Keep on changing her, please. And, Lord...

Keep on changing me, too.


No one is hopelessly lost, Little One. I can redeem anyone who will come to Me. I can transform any life that is surrendered to Me. Oh, how I wish more people would let me into their lives. They have no idea what joy they are missing.