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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Quiet


I'm parked in front of my PC, Lord. The overhead light is out. The lamp is shedding a moon-colored glow across the wall beside me. The house is quiet. You'll notice I didn't say silent. It's amazing how much noise we live with and don't even notice it. I'm surrounded by electronic equipment and each device has it's own peculiar hum, whizz, or whirr. But it's quiet. Everyone else is asleep. I enjoy this time alone in a quiet room.

That's another of my One Thousand Blessings, Lord. Moments of quiet when I can feel Your breath near my heart. Quiet so that I can hear my own thoughts and Your voice. Quiet so that my over-stimulated senses can rest.

Quiet. I enjoy it, Lord. Thank You.


You do live in a noisy world. Whirr, bang, clatter, buzz, ring-a-ling, chime, clash, roar, swoosh, growl, splat, whistle...all the time. Noise. It's a great way to cover up fear and loneliness. Or, so people think, anyway.

Noise not only bombards your senses, Little One, it somehow insulates your soul to keep My voice out. It barricades your mind so that you don't have to listen to your own thoughts. If you surround yourself with enough clatter and chatter you don't have to spend time listening to yourself or to Me. If you can't hear it-you can ignore it, right?

And that's not a very good thing, is it?