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Monday, October 20, 2008

Influential Prayers


Lord, I've been reading the comments left by readers here. I'm honored to have some faithful people who comment regularly. But I've learned that they are not the only readers here. Every week it seems that I run into someone who comments face-to-face about these prayers. Those comments are always a blessing to me.

I suppose people who comment here or comment in person don't know that they are encouraging me and blessing me. I'm humbled that they will use their precious time to read here. It's an awesome responsibility to be pointing the way for other people, Lord. It's both humbling and gratifying to think that the words I jumble together on this electronic page have the power to influence others.

And what really outweighs my ability to think is the knowledge that these words can influence You, too. As I open my heart and tell You the things I need and want You pay attention. As I ask for Your help, Your wisdom, Your courage to do the things You've called me to do, You have an answer waiting for me. But to think that I can "change Your mind" - that I can influence You - is, well, HUGE.

Lord, make the words displayed here, and the thoughts and desires behind them, pleasing to You. Make my will and my plans and desires conform to Yours, Lord. Put Your plans and desire inside my head and heart. Then I'll always pray for Your will, won't I?


Yes, you have the power to influence others. Whether your words are splashed across the Internet, penned on a get well card, or whispered behind closed doors they are powerful. Choose them wisely. Use them well. Don't waste them. Give all your words to Me before you throw them to the wind or cast them out across the seas.

Once spoken or penned you can never really take them back.