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Friday, October 3, 2008

Grace to Die


Lord, we're on the road again. This trip is to Florida to be with J.'s family during the funeral of his niece. We ask You once again to take us safely there and bring us safely home again.

Many years ago I read that the safest place in the world is in the center of Your will. Whether we are in our "safe" suburban neighborhoods, or in the ghettos of the biggest cities in our land, or in a war-torn Third World country we are safe in Your care as we live in the center of Your will for us.

In the past I've been reminded of my own mortality, Lord. And I know that death is not the worst thing that can happen to those of us who are saved by Your grace. It is merely a door. For those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus that door opens into Paradise. An eternity of peace and joy and perfection with You awaits us. Why do we fear it so?

I've also read that it is not so much death we fear, but dying. The process of walking through that door often means pain. And we are terrified of pain.

Some people think that we fear death so much because we fear the unknown and nobody knows what really exists on the other side of death. Help me not to fear, Lord, what You're preparing for me.

I have to agree with the first statement. I fear the instrument that might cause my death some day. But the second-no, I don't fear what is on the other side of that door because I know WHO is on the other side waiting for me. You are.

I do dread the good-byes, Lord. I dread the separation from those people I cherish. Help me to trust You to take care of them just as much as I trust You to take care of me.


I give My children grace as they need it, Little One. When it's your turn to face death I'll be there with you. I'll give you the courage you'll need. The peace and reassurance you'll need. As I have given you grace to live, I will give you grace to die.