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Wednesday, October 8, 2008



My life is filled with celebrations, Lord, and I'm glad. When I was growing up my Mama always made a big celebration out of our birthdays. A big cake. Lots of presents. (Mama said she's rather have lots of little presents than one big one!) A party with all of our cousins and friends. I always thought she just liked to party until this past summer, Lord.

At our family reunion this year we celebrated Mama's 83rd birthday with balloons, hats, streamers, cake, ice cream, presents-the whole schmazola. She loved it! While unwrapping gifts she said something that shocked me, "This is the first birthday party I've ever had in my whole life."

I reached back through my childhood and tried to remember a birthday party for Mama. But I couldn't. Surely Daddy must have thrown one sometime! But, then, he wasn't a party kind of guy. I thought her parents must have given her one party. But Mama was raised during the Great Depression and birthday parties were only for rich kids. And I couldn't see my Grandpa Gillen throwing away money on foolishness like a birthday party anyway.

No wonder Mama marked every year lavishly when we were kids.

There are so many wonderful moments in this life to celebrate, Lord. Events to commemorate. Photos to take, and reasons to decorate. Help me to relish those moments and mark them with joy and gratitude. Help me to create excuses to celebrate all You've given me.

And I'm looking forward to the greatest celebration ever-the coronation of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords for eternity! Now that is going to be the party of the Ages! I can't wait!


Oh, yes! It will be an extravaganza like you've never seen, Little One. And it will last forever-no curfew. Everyone is invited. There will be plenty of room and refreshments for everyone. But only those who personally accept My invitation will be allowed to join in as we celebrate My Son, Jesus.

I'll see you there.