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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Throne

I'm praying my way through The Revelation, Lord. But chapter 4 has stopped me in my tracks. Not because it's too confusing or mystical. No, chapter 4 seems pretty clear to me. It describes Your Throne. Beautiful with precious gems and an emerald-like rainbow encircling it. But, at the same time, terrible and frightening with lightning and thunder. I've stopped here to worship.

7 blazing lamps and a sea that is clear, clean, still, and transparent like glass, create the entrance to Your Throne. 7 lamps - that perfect number again. I've heard others try to explain the sea - but doesn't that word, "sea" represent the masses of humanity, Lord? A sea of people who are clean, clear, still, and transparent before You? That includes me, doesn't it, Lord? Hallelujah! Praises!

Then, I read of the 4 living creatures surrounding Your Throne. One is like a lion - a conquering king. One is like an ox - a servant, a beast of burden. Another is like a man - like Jesus, Your human representation of Yourself. The fourth creature is like an eagle - strong, powerful, soaring free.

These creatures are covered in eyes. They see everything in every direction. They see all, and what they see makes them bow before You and incessantly praise You:

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."

O, Lord. Only when we get a glimpse of Your great and wonderful holiness, can we then see our total sinfulness and utter helplessness.

As the creatures praise You the 24 elders fall on their faces before You. 24. 12 and 12. I'm adding them up again, Lord. 24. 2+4=6. The number of man and mankind.

We will all fall on our faces at Your feet that day.


You'll just have to wait until you get here to see all the splendor, to understand all the symbols, to experience this place, to take it all in. To fall on your face at My feet and worship.

But, maybe you should start practicing a little right now.