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Friday, September 5, 2008

One Thousand Gifts


Lord, one of my favorite bloggers keeps a One Thousand Gifts List. Ann Voshcamp at Her goal is to build a list of all the things great and small for which she is thankful. Everyday things. Miraculous things. People to cherish. Moments to hold onto.

Gratitude changes attitude, Lord. I know that. So, I'm beginning my own One Thousand Gifts List. Here are the first few:

Black satin skies sprinkled with stars
The lonesome Whooo-whoo-whoo-whoo of the owl that nests in the woods behind our house
Our grandchildren
The Internet
T. & M.
D. & K.
My mother is still living & able to enjoy life
My sisters

I could probably list all 1000 right here & now, Lord. But this post would be much too long.

I hope our readers get the idea & start their own One Thousand Gifts Lists. Perhaps they can hit 1000 by the day we've set aside in our country to give you thanks.


You're welcomed, Little One. Yes, gratitude is a strange flower of breathtaking beauty. As its petals open wider and wider, so does the heart of its beholder.