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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget


Today is September 11, Lord. 9-1-1. A day for us who live in America to remember. To remember those Americans who died in the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, in the airplanes. And for those who have died defending us since that day.

Lord, I ask for comfort for their families. I pray the anger is over and the healing has begun for them. I pray for the children who are staring at a picture of a mom or dad they can't remember.

I pray for the parents who will drive to a cemetery or a mausoleum today. Or they'll take another pilgrimage to Ground Zero. Or they'll pull out the family photo albums and touch a paper face because they can't touch the warm, living face of their child anymore.

God of Comfort, wrap Your loving arms around them and hold them close today.

And, Lord, I pray for the many Americans who are eating dust, wearing Kevlar, and sleeping with loaded weapons today. They stand on foreign soil as a wall of flesh and machines to hold at bay those who are our enemies. I pray You will be their Watchman, their Guard, and their Commander. Bring every one of them home safe and sound in body, mind, and spirit, Lord.


"Never Forget." There are so many things you should never forget, Little One. Your fellow Americans who died that day, those Americans who serve in the military, those who sit in the command seats, those who carry on back home.

"Never Forget." My love for you. The price I paid on Calvary for your sins (and theirs). My love for every human of every nation and religion or creed. My role as the ultimate ruler of this world you call your home. I hold it all together. I hold the times in My hands.

"Never Forget." Life and eternity are not about being an American. They are about Me. About being in right relationship to Me. In the end every knee will bow and every tongue ever given life will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.