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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Living Word


One Thousand Gifts - today, Lord, I'm thankful to You for the Bible, Your Word. I'm seated in my little corner of our house. I'm facing my computer and to my left is my desk. I scanned this area this morning and realized that I have nine copies of Your Word here for my study and comfort. Nine. A variety of translations and bindings. But all are the Holy Bible, the Word of God. How blessed I am!

Oh! And J. has it on CD. And online I have countless versions of the Bible available to me. If I could read another language I could access Your Word in that language online, too. How blessed I am!

Through the centuries Christians have suffered destitution and devastation to preserve Your Word so that I can sit here surrounded by it, read it whenever I want, and hear Your voice speaking to me through Your Word. They considered themselves blessed to suffer for it. I am blessed to have easy access to it.

Around the world thousands of language groups don't have Your Word in their heart language. Yet I have a Bible sitting in every room of my house. Lord, I am so immensely blessed!

What an amazing gift-Your Word. Your written expression of Your Self to us.


My Word is more than My written self-expression. It is alive, Little One. It is the ultimate truth. It is powerful beyond your imaginings. It is eternal.

So, why are so many printed copies of My Living Word gathering dust? Spread yours open on your desk. Spread it wide open in your life. Read it. Memorize it. Meditate on it. Study it. Teach it. Post it in your house. Season your speech with it. Talk about it as you sit, and stand, and walk about. Talk about it when you lie down each evening and when you get up each morning.

Live by it. Die by it. It speaks of Me, and for Me.