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Monday, September 1, 2008



Lord, I'm reading Romans 14 today. Paul is gently telling us not to judge one another. Rather, we are to always remember that YOU will judge each one of us individually. Whatever our doctrinal positions, whatever our convictions as Christians, whatever interpretation of the Scriptures we stand on, we will all be judged by You according to Your standards.

Lord, if only I could get this concept embedded into who I am! If only I could meet and greet other Christians will absolutely no thought of judging them! It would not only change me; it would change all of Christendom.

If I could erase my tendency to think that this one is a mature Christian and that one still has a long way to go. If I could lose that automatic response in my mind that plugs other believers into some arbitrary scale of 1-10 based on their doctrine. Or their attire. Or their choices in music or food or speech...

If only all of us Christ followers could lose that tendency to weigh everyone's devotion to You, Lord. If only we could leave the judging to You, then, perhaps the unbelievers around us would be more attracted to the Christ within us.


I want you to judge, Little One. I want you to wisely judge doctrine and the activities of the invisible spirit world around you. I want you to choose wisely when you choose. Remember? "wise as serpents, gentle as doves." Be wise in judging proclamations and principles. But be gentle and harmless with people.

Like I said through Paul's words: don't look down on, or condemn, your brothers & sisters. Love them. Don't try to "fix" them. Love them. One day I'll take care of the judging.