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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday


Today is the birthday of someone very special to me-our son, D. Lord, I'm grateful for all three of our precious children. Our daughter, T. is grown, married, careered, mortgaged, and mommied. I pray she'll grow more gracious and more in love with you daily, Lord.

S. is now ageless. He's enjoying eternity with You, Lord. Please whisper in his ear how much we still love him and miss him. And, is it too selfish of me to ask that he be watching at the gate for me when it's my turn to enter eternity?

D. was our smallest baby. He was like one of those collectible baby dolls you can order from magazine ads. Tiny fingers and toes. Tiny, flawless features on a porcelain face. I felt so incompetent holding him.

Now he's 6 feet something with shoulders as broad as a silo. Thank you for every day of his life, Lord. I pray You'll fan the flames of his love for You. I pray his heart will burst into a passionate pursuit of You. I pray You'll answer his questions and satisfy his longings with more of You.


They are gifts, aren't they, Little One? Each one unique. Each one wrapped in their own special package. Tiny babies growing into men and women who can change the world for better or for worse. Tiny people with huge souls. Souls that live forever.

It's an amazing privilege and a frightening responsibility to parent a piece of eternity.