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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grace, Marvelous Grace


Lord, I'm going to a meeting today in preparation for leading a women's Bible study group at church. I ask You for Your guidance as I begin this particular branch of my life ministry. Years ago You and I set "influencing women for Christ" as one of my life goals. I pray that this venture will do just that.

Lord, as I read the materials and prepare an outline and an agenda for the weekly meetings I ask You to prepare my heart. Dig deep inside me and teach me on a personal level the lessons you want me to open up for the other women in the group. Etch those lessons on the tablet of my heart so that I might not just speak about them before the other women, but that I might demonstrate them, too.

Write Your wisdom across the pages of my life, Lord.


Your lessons are on grace, I understand. Just sit back and remember the oceans of grace I have poured out on you, Little One. Celebrate all the good things that I have sent into your life in spite of your sins and weaknesses. Grace - giving you wonders and blessings you could never "deserve." Let your life sing of my grace before the other women in your group.

They'll want to sing along.