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Monday, September 15, 2008

Fine Tune Your Heart


I attended a women's conference this past weekend, Lord. Nothing "spectacular" happened. Except that You were there with us in all Your spectacular presence. The speaker said a lot of things I've heard many times before. Except that a few of the things were exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life. That's one of the amazing things about You, Lord. You know exactly how to say exactly what I need to hear at exactly the time I need to hear it.

You speak to me through many different channels. Sermons, speeches, Sunday School teachers, books, magazine articles. Through classical music, hymns, and frogish croaks from the ditch out back. Friends, neighbors, new acquaintances. My sisters and my mother, my husband, my children, and grandchildren. They chit-chat and You pluck the things I need to hear out of our casual conversations and drive them into my heart.

You speak to me through starless night skies and the brilliant morning sun bursting out of the stand of trees behind my house. Through hatchlings, the chorus of crickets out back, and the writing spider webs that have taken over my garden.

I hear Your voice in the kind stranger who stops his car (and the traffic behind him) to let me turn left at a busy intersection, in an email from a friend, in a compassionate doctor or nurse.

Your music surrounds me. Your whispers and Your trumpet blasts.


The music is there, all right. If you can just filter out all the other noises of your world. If you can tune in to hear My voice not necessarily louder, but distinct, from all the rest. But you must fine tune your heart and practice listening specifically for My voice in the mundane, or it will get lost in the ruckus around you.