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Monday, September 8, 2008

Faithful Servants


I'm in the last chapter of Romans, Lord. It reads like a roll call of saints. Paul names many men and women who were humble servants of the Lord. None of them have been heralded as great spokespersons or brilliant apologists or even famous evangelists. Through the generations their names and deeds have been forgotten. Except in heaven and here in this section of Scripture.

Paul lists them as servants, dear friends, fellow prisoners, fellow workers, and hard workers. From his recommendations I surmise that they were all faithful, dependable, generous believers who went about quietly changing the world for Christ.

A thousand years from now will my name be recorded somewhere as a faithful servant? A dear friend? A fellow prisoner? Or a worker in the Lord's service?

Help me, Lord, to appreciate those quiet servants who surround me. Those unrecognized people who work behind the scenes quietly living out their faith by "doing it unto the least of these."

Not flashy. Just faithful.


I recognize them, Little One. And I keep detailed records of every sacrifice, every kindness, every act of service. And, yes, your name is written in MY book. It's the only one that really matters.