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Thursday, September 4, 2008



Good morning, Lord. It IS a good morning. Every morning is good because it has been ordained by You. What I do with that morning determines whether it will be profitable or not, peaceful or not, joyous or not.

I grew up in a neighborhood filled with kids. One of our favorite games was tug of war. We'd divvy ourselves up into two teams, grab opposite ends of a jump rope and pull. The only way to win was to select your team members carefully. Try to get the oldest and biggest kids on your end of the rope. And be sure to put the strongest kid last in your line. She was the anchor. The one you could depend on to wrap that rope around her hand a few times, dig her feet into the grass, and hold on tight no matter what.

I was what everyone called "a shrimp," so I was never that kid.

One Sunday a few years ago I attended a commissioning service for a new missionary couple. Our Pastor's message to us was to be "rope-holders" for this young couple. To dig in and be their anchor back home by praying with earnest for them. To hold tight to that rope no matter what.

Paul says something similar in Romans 15:30. "I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me." In other words--wrap the end of my rope around your hand, dig in, and don't let go matter what.

Lord, so many names are on my "prayer list." So many needs. So many ministries. So many missionaries. So many families. So many urgent or desperate situations.

I don't want to be a spiritual "shrimp," Lord. Remind me that I am their anchor man. I can't let go of that prayer-rope. No matter what.


You read down that list and realize that you are helpless in most of those situations. And that's true. You are powerless to fill their needs or fix their problems, Little One. But I am not.

Praying for those people isn't "the only thing you can do" for them. It is the MOST POWERFUL thing you can do.

So, dig your knees in, and hold on tight. Be their rope-holder.