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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Lord, as I read the last verse of the book of Romans this morning (16:27) my eyes fastened on the name "Jesus Christ." I licked my finger and flipped back to the first page of the book. Sure enough, Paul not only ended Romans with "Jesus Christ," he began it that way (1:1). I did some quick research and realized that this was a pattern. Paul authored at least 13 books in our New Testament. 9 of those 13 books use the name "Jesus Christ" or "Christ Jesus" in both the first and last verses. It's the Alpha and Omega of these 9 books.

In Romans the name "Jesus Christ" (or it's flip-flop) appears 33 times. 33 is an interesting number. I learned in seminary that the number 3 represents God in Scripture. Also, if I add the digits of 33 I get 3+3=6. And my professors taught me that, in the Bible, the number 6 represents humankind. That's an interesting little detail to me, Lord. God and Man represented in one number.

I read about an artist in the Far East (Japan, I think) who etches beautiful, detailed scenes on grains of rice using a laser. I can't even comprehend that kind of precision and attention to detail. But, then, I see Your precise attention to a limitless number of details in Your Word and I'm even more amazed.

When I recall that Your Word is Your written expression of Your Self, written in terms and word pictures that allow our tiny minds to somewhat comprehend an incomprehensible God, I am stunned. Speechless.

You amaze me, God.


Nothing escapes My attention, Little One. Not even those pesky details of your life. I know what's happening in you and around you. Relax. Lean back and rest in Me. Though it may not seem so to you at times, I have it all under control.