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Thursday, August 28, 2008

That Quiet Place


Lord, my plan today is to hide away. To go to a quiet place, alone, to work. To sort through all the projects I have before me and seek Your wisdom in prioritizing them. Then to seek Your skill in working on them. I have many - too many - writing projects in my heart and on my mind. But first - I have a self-imposed deadline for the newsletter I write. It must be put to bed today. This one has to be special for someone special, Lord. You know all about it.

And I have a Bible class lesson to prepare. Spill it out of my brain, dig it out of my heart, onto paper today, please.

Lord, run Your Holy fingers through all the stuff in my brain. Catch all the grain and scoop it into the bins that You know are most important. Let the chaff sift through. I'll clean it up another day.

I give you today. Each hour. Each minute. Each second. Accomplish what You want to accomplish through me today.


Is today so different from every other day, Little One? Are these minutes mine, and all the others aren't?

Get up. Get dressed. Get going. I'm ready to meet you in that quiet place - in your heart.