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Monday, August 25, 2008

Send Someone


Lord, I just watched a video that featured a slum in Kenya. More than 1,000,000 people live in tin shacks in 1 square mile. More than 100, 000 are children. 20, 000 of them have no living parent. They are raising themselves & each other on the streets of this slum. Most of them have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

I cried. My heart reached out to those people locked into hopeless poverty. No way out. The only hope for them of getting out of that slum is education. Education costs money. And they have no money and no means of getting any.

For a fleeting moment as I viewed that video I felt utter hopelessness. They must feel it day after day, moment after moment.

Then my mind went to the millions of people around me who aren't living in financial and physical poverty like that, but, they are struggling along in spiritual poverty. Their only hope is to surrender their lives to Jesus. And that's free. Free to them and me. Though it was extravagantly expensive for You, Lord.

God, send someone or something to help the people of Kenya rise up out of their destitution. Send someone or something to tell them of Jesus and rescue them from their spiritual poverty.

Send someone to the people around me, too, Lord, to give them spiritual food and water, spiritual healing and provisions.


And just whom shall I send, Little One? Are you willing to be the one?