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Friday, August 22, 2008



You know, Lord, about my prayer "list." It keeps growing longer & longer. So many people with so many needs. They need Your intervention in their health, in their marriages, in their broken relationships. They need Your help with their finances, with finding jobs, with attending or finishing school. Lord, they are grieving the loss of loved ones, the loss of health, the loss of relationships, the loss of careers, the loss of dignity. Some are being treated unfairly by their spouses, by their employers, by their governments.

Some are in danger from horrible diseases, from severe weather, from their parents or their children, from the governments in the places they live. They need Your protection & rescue.

Some need to be rescued from themselves, and their misguided or self-centered decisions. They are destroying their lives & the lives of other people who love them. And they seem powerless to stop themselves.

All of them need more of You in their lives. All of them need spiritual intervention.

My friend Kristi You revealed to her to pray one thing - the same thing - for all those people on her "list."


In their lives Lord, reign. Be preeminent. Be king. Take charge. Be Ruler, Protector, Provider in their lives.

I have to say amen to that, Lord.


Whatever their need or desire it all boils down to My ability to work in their lives for their good and for My glory. I created mankind for My pleasure and My glory, you know. I breathed My spirit into Adam's frame so that every human might worship Me, love Me, enjoy My presence, and bring Me joy and glory.

It saddens Me that only a few ever get that far.