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Thursday, August 14, 2008



I want to praise You, God, for this week. It has been filled with positive answers to our prayers. The ladies in my Sunday morning Bible class have received several "yes" answers: A brother in law has accepted Christ as Savior & is living a turned-around life. A new job was offered doing something another lady loves to do & with great hours. Another new job is in the negotiation stage. You generously supplied school supplies for a local ministry to distribute to needy students. You brought a kind, generous mechanic along to another lady with a big need. You changed the attitude of a demented parent to give a daughter a sweet memory to tuck away in her aching heart. You blessed another lady by returning to her the joy she had misplaced for a while.

Members of my family have received positive answers in the past week, too. My niece, L. was hired after 6 months of searching & praying for the job You have in mind for her. And she rented out their house that has been on the market (& a huge financial burden to them) for 6 months. Then, my sister, C., has seen You provide for some very expensive medication she must take. And Lord, I see such a positive reaction in her to some medical news that would scare most of us to death.

It's been a week of rejoicing.

I know. There have been many "you're not ready yet" answers this week, too. I have a long list of people & problems that still need Your intervention, Father. And You hear a gazillion lists just like mine every day. I want to praise You regarding those prayers that are still in the waiting room. You have the answers that are best for us & those we love, all wrapped up & ready to deliver when You know that we are ready to receive them.

Some of those requests are urgent to us. But You have the master plan laid out before You. You know the difference between urgent & important. You know the perfect time to send Your responses. Make us willing waiters, Lord.


"Yes." "No." "You're not quite ready yet." My answers to your prayers are like delicate lace cookies that must come out of the oven at precisely the right moment to be beautiful, aromatic, & delicious. Not too soft. Not too crisp. I promise not to let them burn.