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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Agenda


Well, Lord. Things seldom work out exactly as I plan them. Yesterday didn't. Instead of devoting 8 hrs. to my work & my goals I spent most of that time taking care of family matters.

Even my usual plans for today aren't happening as usual. T. has to work today and I have 2 little guys who decided to wake up much earlier than usual. That means my role as MeMe started befpre 6 a.m..

Not much time to sit and plunk at the keyboard. Not much time to be alone with You this morning. So, I'll do my praying as I serve cereal and change diapers, watch yet another episode of Backyardigans, and build one more block tower.

Is this what you mean by "pray without ceasing", Lord? Is this the way to make every activity an act of worship? Every thought a prayer?

I gave you the day yesterday and I'm trusting & rejoicing that all those interruptions came from You. That you ordered my day yesterday and You will again today. Thank You for the privilege of following Your agenda each day.


My planner is perfect. My day-timer is right on target. My schedule is running smoothly. I have your agenda all worked out in advance. Relax & enjoy the day I have planned for you.