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Friday, August 1, 2008

Locked Out


Well! Yesterday I was really miffed. We were locked out of our own blog, Lord. Some giant spam filter out there suspected that it might be spam. So, we had to wait for our blog to be reviewed by a human being. Imagine that!

That humongous, ever-watching, electronic eye-in-the-sky said our conversations were suspect.

Lord, thank you that You are even more humongous than the Internet. You are greater than any software ever conceived by the greatest mathematical minds. You are ever watching, ever seeing everything that occurs in our hearts, our minds, our lives.


They did apologize, remember? It was yet another glitch in technology. The greatest thoughts any human has ever thought, the most complex technological web ever developed is minuscule when compared to Me. For My thoughts are higher than yours. My ways are greater than yours. I am far beyond anything you can ever conceive, Little Ones.