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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little Sacrifice


I'm still reading Romans, Lord. I'm in the 12th chapter now. I just read those often quoted verses 1-2. Paul urges me, begs me, pleads with me to offer my body as a living sacrifice to You. To offer this house of clay where I've been living for 59 years as a yielded, living sacrifice to You.

Today, Lord, I give You my hands to touch people gently & to help people willingly. I give You my feet to take me only where You lead me. I give you my eyes & ears to focus on things that are beautiful, wholesome, good, noble, & pure.

I give you my mouth, Lord. Such a small organ with so much potential. Remind me, Lord, that everything that goes in it, and everything that comes out of it, should please You.

Lord, I give you my taste & smell - my appetites - that I won't live in a greedy way, but that I'll live in an others-minded way. That I won't be an insatiable consumer, but a generous giver.

I offer You my mind & my heart today, God. I know Jesus lives there already. But I step back & let go of the controls. I offer you the wheel of my life - my motives, my desires, my ideologies, my thoughts, my plans. Renew my mind. Transform it to be like the mind of Christ.

I give you my health. Thank You for generously blessing me with good health, Lord. I give it back to You. I surrender the strength & good health this body enjoys to Your service & for Your pleasure.


This is your reasonable service. I accept your gifts today, Little One. They are a delicious, beautiful fragrance to Me. I promise to make something great out of the little you willingly offer.