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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Honda Guy


"Opportunity knocks!" or so the guy on the TV Honda commercial states. Then we hear him knocking on a car window. I've been asking You to show me where & how to serve You by serving others. I've been asking You to show me exactly what You want me to write & submit for publication. This week a lot of opportunities have knocked on my door.

I was given opportunities to serve in three different capacities at church. Teaching one-year-olds twice each month, leading a Wednesday morning women's Bible study group, & mentoring a group of 6-7 young moms who are members of M.O.P.S.

Two writing opportunities tapped on my window, too. A brand new writer asked for my help in getting started. And, an invitation to submit a manuscript (which is only half finished at this time) to an agent came my way, also. Thank You, Father, for this kick in the seat of my pants. I need to punch that manuscript up to the top of my priority ladder, don't I?

Now, I'm in a dither trying to decide which opportunities You want me to accept. I'd like to do them all. But, You & I know I can't do that & stay sane. I need some direction, Father. I need a great big flashing neon sign that says "Enter Here!"


Sorry. I'm fresh out of flashing neon signs. You're going to have to listen extra hard for My whispers in your head & your heart on this one. Sift your options through that priority filter that you & I devised a few years ago. Remember that? Make your decisions based on the priorities we agreed on instead of on your emotions or desires.

That works for Me every time.