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Friday, August 8, 2008

Heavenly Language


I remember, Lord, the first time I was in such a dilemma that I didn't know how or what to pray. I was in college & I was seeking to know Your will about marrying J. My emotions said one thing. My brain told me another. I was in such distress & confused to the point of spiritual paralysis. I had recently discovered the truth in Romans 8:26-27 that Your Holy Spirit intercedes for us in groanings or utterances we can't understand & in accordance with Your will.

I've reached that point regarding situations & people in my extended family & friends, Lord. I don't know how or what to pray for them. Different situations complicate their lives. I don't know what specifics to ask You for on their behalves. So, I fall back on Your own Holy Spirit to understand not only their specific needs, but to know clearly Your plan for those people, & thus, pray for them in my stead exactly the way You know is best for them.

My sisters & their children & grandchildren. Our son & his family. Our daughter & her family. Cousins, in-laws, my Mama, & friends old & new. Holy Spirit, step before the Throne of the Father for me. Speak that heavenly language that I don't know & ask the right things the right way for these people whom I love.


Have you ever been on the listening end of a conversation where the other person was so totally overwhelmed by emotion he could barely speak? You had to fill in the blanks & ask a lot of "Do you mean..." questions. The other person couldn't stop crying & so had to mostly nod or shake his head so you could figure out what was happening. You had to be both listener & interpreter.

When human words are not enough to express your flood of emotions; when your thoughts are so complicated you can't express them; when a problem is so big your vocabulary can't wrap around it; when life has become hopelessly tangled so you can't see through it to know My plan - that is when My Holy Spirit comes to Your aid, Little One. He interprets Your thoughts to Me and My plans to you. You see, We - the Holy Spirit, the Father, & the Son - all share the same language, the same thoughts, the same plans. So, naturally, we understand each other perfectly.

When you absolutely don't know what or how to pray just kneel before Me, wait in silence, & trust Me - Us - to untangle all the knots.