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Monday, August 18, 2008

God's Laughing


Well, God, I can never deny that You have a sense of humor. I imagine You are snickering - no laughing hilariously - at me right now. I prayed for opportunities to serve. Well...

Last week I was presented with 4, no 5, opportunities. Sunday another one dropped into my email inbox. Not to mention the moment-by-moment opportunities I'm having at home with our grandchildren. Someone once said, "Be careful what you pray for; you might get it." Is that where I am right now, Lord?

I'm not frustrated. I'm not agitated nor anxious. I'm kind of amused at myself, Lord, at my dilemma. I'd love to do ALL of these things. But I know I can't. My situation is comedic. But the consequences of my decisions are not.

ALL of these opportunities fall under priority #3 for my life - ministering to & encouraging other Christians - particularly Christian women. Lord, give me the uncanny wisdom that You possess. Give me the mind of Christ to make the right choices here. Just how thin can I spread myself & still be effective in each opportunity?

It isn't a matter of choosing between what's good & what's bad. Or even what's good & what's better. It's a matter of knowing what's best - what's YOUR choice for me at this time.


Shhh. Do you hear it yet?

Listen harder.

Do you hear the quiet?

This isn't a life-threatening emergency, Little One. You don't have to decide right this moment. So, you can wait until you hear the quiet inside yourself.

Then, then, in the quiet, you'll hear My voice above the rest.