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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Drifting Off To Sleep


Last night I once again drifted off to sleep while I was praying, Lord. I used to worry about that. I used to think You might think me rude for falling asleep in the middle of our conversation. But somewhere along my journey with You I came to a new understanding of that.

I guess it was one of those times I was holding one of our children in my lap, rocking back & forth in my creaky old rocking chair. She or he was telling me about the day at school. I was smoothing freshly shampooed hair & kissing chipmunk cheeks. The angel in my arms rested her or his head over my heart & in the middle of our conversation, drifted off to sleep. Safe. Loved. Warmly snuggled in my arms.

That's the way I like to fall asleep, too, Lord. Resting my weary head over Your divine heart. Telling You about my day, my needs, my concerns, my family. Listening to Your whispers of love for me. Safe. Loved. Warmly snuggled in Your Everlasting Arms.


How many times did you linger in that rocking chair resting your chin on the curls of that sleeping child? Didn't you receive rest & comfort from listening to the peaceful breathing of one of your children, feeling his or her warm breath on the crook of your neck?

I do, too, Little One.