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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Transformed


I'm meditating on Romans 12:2, Lord. "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."

Don't do it! Don't act like the world. Don't think like the world. Don't make decisions like the world. Don't set my goals like the world. Don't choose like, talk like, write like, work like, play like, plan like the world. Don't be absorbed into the mainstream of the world's way of thinking. Don't "blend in" with the world.

Father, forgive me when I walk like, talk like, entertain myself like the people of the world. Forgive me when I let my mind follow the - what's that word? - paradigm, yes, the paradigm of the world. When I make my business decisions, my spiritual decisions, my health decisions, my relationship decisions, my life-goals decisions based on the wisdom & philosophies of the world.

Jesus said the world is at odds with Him. The world system. The world philosophies. They are contrary to His philosophies - His patterns of thinking.

M. is in a TRANSFORMER stage. He plays with his little robots & vehicles all day long. He recently made up a new game for himself. He wraps a throw over his shoulders like a cape & "transforms" into a super hero. He pulls that same throw completely over himself & "transforms" into a ghost. He grabs the throw & spreads his arms out to make wings & "transforms" into a giant bird. Then he drops the throw & "transforms" back into a boy.

I am a TRANSFORMER, too. The question is: am I "transforming" my mind with Your Word & the good, wholesome, beautiful things You offer me? Or, am I being "transformed" by buying into the patterns & beliefs the world offers me? Am I being slowly changed to be like, look like, live like, the world around me? Or the World-To-Come?


Is your mind being made new, Little One? Are you being slowly assimilated into the world like a teaspoon of salt disappearing in a glass of warm water?

Or, are you becoming more like the new creature you're supposed to be? More like an exact replica of Christ Jesus? If the answer to this question is yes, then, you'll be able to know & follow My good & perfect will for you.

Think about how you think, Little One. Is your way of thinking built on My Word, or on your world?