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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back Off and Let Go


I'm preparing to lead my Sunday morning ladies Bible class in a lesson on being still before You, Lord. You've been preparing this one in my heart for years, haven't You? But, as I was reading that very well known verse, "Be still, and know that I am God;" I was struck by all the verses that surround it. "Be still, and know that I am God;" comes near the end of Psalm 46. That little command to be still - to back off my exhausting efforts, to let go of things, to quit trying to be in control - is preceded by a list of cataclysmic events.

Though the earth gives way. Though mountains fall into the sea. Though the seas rise up in great walls of water and cover the mountains. Though the nations of the earth are in an uproar. Though kingdoms fall and the earth melts around us. Amid desolation and raging wars. Regardless (or maybe because of these things) You command me to be still and know and acknowledge that You are the Great Almighty God of the Universe and of my individual life.

Scholars say this psalm is about the end of time. I see some of these situations and conditions surrounding me right now, Lord. I read the news online. I watch the news on TV. I listen to commentators. Personally, I think we're in the "warm-ups" for the climax of the Ages. I think we're preparing to step into the middle of these catastrophic events. And You tell me to be still and remember that You are God. Be still and fall back into Your arms. Be still, and surrender all my efforts to You and Your power and Your will.


That''s right, Little One. Be still. Like your Granny always said, put all your eggs into one big basket - Mine. Place your confidence in Me and My plans and you'll have great peace in the middle of chaos.