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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Whispers of Our Lives


200. This is our 200th entry to this blog, Lord. Should I be celebrating in some way? Should I be giving something away to someone who posts a comment here? No. Perhaps on another blog on another day I'll have contests or drawings or blog tours or something delicious like that.

But I do want to thank You, Lord. This past week You have encouraged me by showing me that You are using these words that I post to this site. I can see by the stats that more people visited here last week than ever before. You've shown me that the words posted here have helped and blessed several people. And that's my purpose here, Lord. To put Your wonder on display.

My purpose is to be obedient to what You told me to do. And to help others see that they, too, can have an intimate relationship with You. They can come to You with everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill needs & desires. And that they can bare their souls & share with You their distress & pain & joy. I want them to see that You aren't just twiddling Your thumbs in heaven; You are eagerly listening to our hearts & intricately involved in the events of our lives.

Thank You, Lord, that Your heart is ever tuned to mine - to ours - & that Your ear is constantly bent to pick up the whispers of our lives.


Though you cannot see Me physically, though you cannot touch My hand physically, Little One, I am just a breath away. Call on Me. Call on Jesus. I am near.