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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Growed It


It's done! M. & I picked every last peach from our tree. They aren't large, but they are juicy & sweet. We're eating a few of them each day. M. seems especially pleased with the fruit of his labors. He's enjoying peach preserves & peach cobbler and peach nectar running down his chin with every bite. We put some of the beauties into our freezer for him to enjoy later.

"It's so good, MeMe! And we growed it!" M. says.
Now he's harvesting tomatoes & cucumbers with the same level of excitement. And he has started watching the little green knots on our apple tree in anticipation of harvest a few months away.

It's a natural law you put into place, isn't it, Lord? We planted a peach tree. For 4 years we invested time & effort & money into that tree. Now we're enjoying the fruit that we "growed."

The same law holds true in my life, too. Whatever I plant, I will reap. Whatever I invest myself in, I will reap the increase. Be it good. Or be it bad.


If you plant kindness, justice, & mercy you will receive kindness, justice, & mercy. If you plant hostility, selfishness, or anger you will reap those things in your life. Remind yourself, Little One, to stop & examine your seeds before you throw them into the wind.

When it's time to harvest remember - you growed it.