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Thursday, July 17, 2008



Our grandsons, M. & J. are enamored with toys called Transformers. They start out as one of a hundred different vehicles. But by twisting, folding, & rearranging their parts children can "transform" them into a hundred varieties of robots, then transform all of them back into the vehicular forms with a few twists of their wrists.

Our grandsons are growing up in a "Transformer" culture, Lord. Listening to the daily news, paying attention to the political scene, watching our grand children's generation relate to the world, to each other, & to religion & faith - it all reveals a culture that is dramatically transforming around us. Culturally speaking, the America they live in is NOT the same America I grew up in.

But, there's another transformation that I desperately want my grand children's generation to see. I want them to see their own lives transformed by Christ Jesus. I want them to understand & accept the truth of the Bible (specifically Romans 12:1-2) that each of them must be transformed by Your gift of salvation through Christ. Their individual lives must be transformed by the renewing of their minds in Christ. Their patterns of thinking must be transformed. Like every other generation they must receive new minds & mindsets by individually acknowledging their sinful separation from You, and accepting Your provision for having a right relationship to You through Christ Jesus.

And it occurs to me that they can only accept that truth if they see it lived out in my generation's lives. They are more apt to make a relevant connection between their needs & Your provision if they see a loving relationship with You lived out faithfully in us. I cannot make that transforming decision for my children or my grandchildren. But I can live in a way that makes them desire the same relationship with You that they see in my life.

Lord, make my life a living invitation to Your love.


Have you read the rest of that chapter in the Bible - Romans 12? It will show you how to accomplish that. How to make your life a living invitation to My love.

Read it. All of it. Slowly. Then live it.