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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Touch The Clouds


The other day I was in our porch swing with M. & D.L. "Higher, MeMe!" M. shouted. "I want to touch the clouds!"

"Can you? Can you touch that cloud over there?" I asked and pumped harder. The higher we went the more we enjoyed the morning breeze in our faces.

"I trying, MeMe." his three-year-old fingers stretched upward while his other hand held on tight to my arm.

"Higher, God," my heart shouts. "I want to go higher. I want to touch the clouds with You, Lord." I caught myself wondering why I get involved in projects. Why do I stretch myself and strain to attain publication? Why can't I be content to just hover over my little family & meet their needs? Why can't I be satisfied with writing my thoughts in my private journal? Why do I want to touch the clouds?

Is it that seed of creativity You planted in my heart before I was born? Is it some innate unrest I have? Is it pride? Or, is it Your Holy Spirit urging me upward into the clouds? I don't know, God. I want to be satisfied with home & family & friends. But I also want a much wider circle of influence. I want to impact as many people as I humanly can for Christ. Is writing the way You want me to do that?


Is it really the clouds you're stretching for? Remember, though they are beautiful and useful, clouds are transient. They are mere vapor that is here today and gone tomorrow. Be sure that whatever it is your heart desires, whatever it is you are straining to attain isn't going to just disappear like those clouds. Be sure it is solid, something you can plant your feet on. And be sure you're hanging on tightly to Me.

Then go for it. Stretch. Strain. Pump harder. And enjoy the morning breeze in your face.