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Friday, July 18, 2008



Last night You answered a prayer for me, Lord. But You answered in a way I didn't expect. Once again You've totally surprised me. It wasn't until my head was on my pillow last night, and I was telling You good night, that I recognized that this thing is Your answer to my prayer. Help me to accept Your gift graciously and gratefully.

It's kind of like that Christmas morning when I was in my early teens. I had hinted for months about a certain gift I wanted, I needed, I absolutely HAD to have. And, as usual, Mama came through. She searched all over town, found one, wrapped it, hid it for weeks under the bed, then joyfully watched me tear into it.

But, when I ripped the red and green paper off the box my heart sank. She had gotten the wrong one! Wrong color. Wrong style. Wrong brand. Wrong everything. I had a nanosecond to decide how I was going to react. Was I going to be disappointed? Or was I going to be grateful & appreciative of her effort, her expense, her demonstration of love for me?

Thank You, Lord, for answering this prayer in this way. In the months to come I want to use & enjoy this particular gift so much that I totally forget that it wasn't EXACTLY the color,the style, the brand that I had in mind.


I remember that Christmas. And I remember that the phonograph player your mama got worked out fine. As a matter of fact, it was nicer & more expensive & of better quality than the one you thought you HAD to have. It lasted you all the way through Elvis, the Beetles, Ricky Nelson, & Fabian on into college & Handel's Messiah.

I believe you're going to find that this gift will be better than you ever imagined, too.