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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Small Warriors


It seems that lately the list of people I am praying for has bellowed with the names of children, Lord. Today I want to ask You to bless these little people. I ask You to use them for Your glory. To put Your power, Your love, Your mercy on the stage of their lives. These little ones are all sick, Lord. Most are fighting dreaded diseases with all their tiny might. Lord, heal them according to Your great plan. Use them according to Your sovereign will.

And God, comfort and strengthen their parents & grandparents & siblings - those who watch them suffer. And their physicians & the host of medical professionals who are ministering to the physical & emotional needs of these children. God, give them wisdom & compassion & blessings for their acts of mercy.

Lord, I pray for their pastors & spiritual mentors. Help them to help these families navigate deep & troubled waters. Give them wisdom & compassion as they minister to the spiritual & emotional needs of these children & their families.

Lord, help:

James, Devon, Elle, Kimberly, Layton, Holly, Chloe, Langston, Zachary, Cole, Lauren, & Tye.


Sometimes the smallest warriors are the bravest & the strongest of them all. I am holding them all in My hands and I'll not lose a single one. I promise.