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Tuesday, July 29, 2008



I'm a creature of habit, Lord. You know that. I like schedules. I like getting up at the same time each morning. I like eating my meals at the same time every day. I love routines. I guess it's because schedules and habits make me feel that I'm in control. And control is important to me.

But, now, my "scheduling skills" are being put to the test. Our daughter, her husband, & two little ones will be living with us for a few months. And they are not schedule people. Now I'm a morning person completely surrounded by evening people. You're stretching me again, Lord. I had to find a way to sneak past D.L.'s crib this morning without making a sound so I could get up "on schedule" and post here "on schedule." Help me to see this as an adventure - an exercise for me in creative scheduling,

I'm overjoyed to have them near us. And I'm anxious to see what You're going to teach each of us about ourselves as we share the same house with others.


Life's greatest blessings are often cleverly disguised as little inconveniences.