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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Family


It's such a delight to be here with our son, our daughter-in-law, & our grandchildren, Lord. They are strong & healthy & well behaved. You've given us uncountable blessings here, Lord. I pray for our D. & K. God, work a deeper hunger for You into their hearts. Make them thirstier for You, Lord.

And our grandchildren. Lord, I pray they'll love You deeper each day. I pray that, as they grow up, they'll fall madly, insanely in love with You, Jesus. I pray their lives will be living testimonies of Your greatness. I pray they will truly change the world around them for Christ.

Father, make my every action & word an appetizer for them. Make my life the thing that creates in them a hunger & thirst for You.


I want to do just that for them. I'm working on it, Little One. But it's taken close to 60 years to create in you the craving you have for Me - remember? It's going to take some time for them, too.