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Monday, July 7, 2008

Let Me Carry You


I'm up, Lord. Up, but reluctantly so. Outside the sky is heavy with moisture and a promise of rain. Thank You. We really need the rain. But You already know that. Thank You for the rain that fell Saturday & Sunday. It seems that this summer might turn out to be as dry as the last. Thank you for every drop of moisture.

This kind of weather makes my body reluctant to obey my mind's commands. Help me, Lord, not to submit to my body's stubbornness. Help me not to surrender to my aches & pains, but to get up, get out, get around, & do the things I need & want to do today.

Lord, I pray for so many other people who CAN'T get up this morning. They CAN'T get out of their homes or their hospital rooms. They CAN'T get around without someone else's assistance. It's been a long while since they were able to do what they need or want to do. I pray that their minds & their emotions won't become slaves to their broken bodies. I pray they will fix their hopes on You & find courage & peace in a personal relationship with You, Jesus. Help them to somehow find joy in their situations & even in their limitations.


You're all spiritually disabled, you know. You're all totally dependent on Me. Some of you recognize it & fall into My arms willingly. Some of you keep struggling & fighting against Me, crawling through life like a cripple who refuses a wheelchair.

I'm here for everyone of you to fall on Me, to let Me carry you through this life & into the forever one. My arms are strong. My arms are open. Trust Me. Have faith in Me. Let Me carry you.