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Friday, July 11, 2008

Think About These Things


I'm stuck, Lord. I know it's time to make an entry here, but I can't seem to hear a specific word from You to write here. No amazing illustrations. No piercing images. No riveting stories. So, I'm going to spend this time listening. You're here meeting with me, listening to my heart and that is enough.

I don't need to hear a voice like the roaring wind, or feel the ground shake beneath me to know that You are here with me right now. It is encouraging & strengthening to rest in the quiet knowledge that wherever I am, whatever I am doing, whatever my circumstances You are with me. Thank You.

This is a calm & quiet moment. I hear only the hum of two computers, and I know that You are here. But later in the day I'll be surrounded by noise, people, a T.V., toddler toys, & telephones. And You will be there, too. Thank You.

Tomorrow or the next day or the next I'll be surrounded by grief, or confusion, or conflict, or an emergency. And You'll still be here living inside me, holding me up, guiding me through whatever the circumstance may be. Thank You.


I'm not very talkative today, Little One. I'll be quiet while you remember things I've already said to you yesterday or last week or a year ago. Things like: I love you. I died to pay the price for your sins. I will never leave you. I'm preparing a place for you to come & be with me someday. I am everything you need.

Today, just think about those things.