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Friday, July 25, 2008

Heading Home


We're in the air again this morning - heading home. It is always good to get back home, back to where we are most comfortable, back to the things most familiar to us. Back to where we rest best.

J. is always eager to get back home. Partly because he's just a homebody. Partly because he's physically blind. At home he moves around with ease. At home he can sleep in if he wants, wear what he wants, and find his way around his familiar surroundings without his cane or a sighted guide. As soon as we head out on a trip J. starts longing to be home again.


Heaven. Home. Where My children will be most comfortable. Where everything & everyone will be familiar. Where you will all find your way around without a guide. Where your heart will find its rest. Are you eager to get here, too?