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Monday, July 14, 2008



Lord, I'm trying to make some decisions related to writing. Well, they involve investing time & money into a training opportunity & a little more time into a ministry opportunity. I need Your clear guidance, Lord. I need to know I'm hearing what You want me to do, or not do. I don't want to listen just to my own opinions or wishes. I want to invest in projects & opportunities according to Your plan for me.

I remember some of the past plans I've made out of my own desires or intellect. They always fizzled, flopped or backfired all over me - kind of like Fourth of July fireworks that got a little too damp. I need that peace that You send when I'm choosing what You have already chosen for me, Lord.

And, you know the writer's conference we're planning. Lord, we need to see You moving & working on our behalf. We're getting close to launch time and we need Your provisions. We need some of Your fireworks for this event, Lord.

It's incredible to me that You are truly interested in these little details of my life. I wish everyone could grasp that concept, God. You're not an entity. You're not a force. You're not a higher power. You're not a part of the cosmos. You're not a spirit-guide. You're a perfect person who wants personal & intricate relationships with the imperfect people You created.

That thought just blows me away every time I think about it!


Be patient. Don't get ahead of Me. Watch, listen, & pay attention to the people & things around you so you'll see my messages. Read My Word & chew on it. Read it with a searching heart & mind & you'll see my answers to your questions. And when you pray, be sure to sit still, be silent & listen for Me to answer you. You'll hear my direction. Have I ever misled you? Nope. I never have, and I never will.