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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

God's Heart-God's Hands


Lord, I'm reading a book about women helping women. God's Heart-God's Hands it is called. So many women I know are in desperate need of godly friendships. They need women in their lives who will love & accept them, have fun with them, listen to them, and point them to Scripture & to Christ. Make me that kind of friend, God.

I keep running into women who are lonely, who live with false guilt, who don't know who they are so they keep looking for someone or something to give them identity. I continue meeting women who think they are worthless. They don't understand, they haven't grasped yet, that they are worth more than a universe filled with diamonds to You, God.

Make me genuinely love the hurting women who intersect my life. Make me joyful & happy & fun to be around. Make me someone who listens with my head & my heart. Help me to remember that most of the time people don't need my advice nearly as much as they need my sympathetic ear. And, Lord, make my responses & suggestions a flashing neon light that points these women to Jesus.


That's a good start. Be on the lookout for the women I send your way. Be vigilant for opportunities to love & listen especially to those women who sort of rub you the wrong way. They are hurting, too. Be My hands - touch them. Be My arms - embrace them. Be My ears - listen to their hearts. Be My heart - love them unconditionally.