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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Big Picture


Details. I'm really good at them. But You already know that, don't You, Lord? I like making sure that every little duck is neatly tucked away in the right row. That part of my personality makes me very handy at certain jobs and projects. But sometimes, Lord, I get so focused on the details that I lose the big picture. I get side-tracked from the mission and vision of an event or project.

I'm reading Michael Card's book A Fragile Stone about Peter. In one section he digs into Matthew 17 where Jesus does a miracle, He provides a coin inside a fish's mouth so Peter can pay Jesus' and his own tax to the Temple. It was a minor detail in the scope of Jesus' mission and purpose for living on this earth. As a Rabbi Jesus was exempt - He didn't really have to pay the tax. But He worked an incredible miracle to take care of this little nagging detail, so He and Peter could be freed up to work on the big picture.

That story reminds me of the many times You have reached into my life, Lord, and done something miraculous to take care of a minor detail. A need that was nagging at me, but that really was minute in the scheme of my life and Your mission for me.

I'm awestruck that You deal with those little details so that You and Your power can be on display in my life. Lord, I want You to turn on the projector and show Your work in my small life like a movie on the big screen.


Yes! I want the movie of your life to be about Me. Produced and directed by Me. With Me in the starring role. You're right. That's what I want everyone to see as they watch your life unfolding. I want them to see Jesus in you.