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Monday, July 28, 2008



Ahhh! We're home. Our trip was terrific. But it's so good to sleep in my own bed. Thank You, God, for a few days of relaxation with our son and his family. No rushing about hither and yon. Thank You. We found everyone healthy and enjoying their summer break.

No ride in the police car for me. You prevented that from happening, so, I'm going to thank You for orchestrating events the way You did. I believe that You are in control of my life. Though You've given me the freedom to make my own choices You still control the people, places, & events that surround me. I can seek Your wisdom & ride the waves of Your sovereign will. Or I can ignore You, make my own choices based on my own knowledge, and dog-paddle furiously against Your waves.

For me, it's the difference between living my life relaxed and floating along, or stress-filled and exhausted from furiously paddling against Your current for my life.


I'm good at handling the waves. Whether you are experiencing ripples or tsunamis I can speak calm into your life, Little One. I want to help you ride out the big ones and enjoy the rhythm of the little ones.

Peace. Be still.