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Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th of July


July 4. Independence Day. The day we Americans celebrate our independence from the rule of England. That was a lonnnnnng time ago, Lord.And independence is still the hallmark of being an American, I think.

I am grateful to You for the huge privilege of being born in America.

We pride ourselves on being independent thinkers. We plowed our own way across this continent all by ourselves and we're proud of it. We stand tall and declare that we will bow to no one. That's still our American way of life, I think.

But, it backfires on us sometimes and we forget that, though we bow to no person, we must prostrate ourselves in Your Presence, Lord. Our pride sometimes puts us in contradiction to You. I ask You to bring us to our knees again.


One day every knee - not just American knees - shall bow to Jesus. And every tongue - not just those that speak English - shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. You have My promise.