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Friday, June 6, 2008

Your Plan


It's a beautiful morning, Lord. You're quite the artist. A pale blue canopy. A brilliant ball of yellow-white light creeping over the horizon. Every possible shade of green around us. You've created another masterpiece for us to enjoy.

I had two special days this week. On both days I spent pretty much the entire day and into the night at my computer. Reading, studying, researching, and writing. I know, some of my readers are thinking, "Are you crazy? Are you insane? You call that fun?"

Yes, I do. Lord, I'm so grateful that You have given me the privilege of doing something I love to do. I think of friends and family members who go to jobs they hate and do tasks that bore them to death or that they dread. Even when I worked full time You let me do a job I loved. I count that a huge privilege and I'm grateful.

Thank you that our daughter, T. and our son, D. also have that privilege. They love what they do to help earn a living for their families. Both of them believe You called them to their careers. There's a wonderful sense of satisfaction in doing what You created us to do.


I have a plan. Not simply one great big plan for time and eternity. But a plan for each of you as individuals. If everyone could be in harmony with Me and hear My heart and find the path I've chosen for them...this life would be so much better. This life would hold peace and prosperity and good things. If only.