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Monday, June 16, 2008

You, Lord


When I was growing up Daddy used to play a game with me. He'd ask, "Who do you love most in all the world?" And I'd always try to answer, "You and Mama." But he'd snap his hand over my mouth or tickle me in the middle of the answer so all I could say was, "You an...".

As I grew older it became more and more of a game. I'd try to figure out some ingenious way to get the entire phrase out of my mouth. He'd find some new tickle-spot or some sneaky way to cut me short.

It was just a game. But it reminds me that one day I'll be in Your presence, God. And You'll ask me, "Who do you love most in all the universe and eternity?"

Will I try to say, "You and something, or You and somebody?" Or will my voice echo through the halls of heaven "YOU! YOU, LORD! YOU!"


Oh, Little Girl, I can hardly wait for you to get here. I want to hear you say it over and over and over again. "YOU! YOU, LORD! YOU!"